Farotech Position Statement on AI Technology

Effective marketing is, and will always be, emotional and human-centered, and AI technology is just another tool in the marketing toolkit.




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By now, you’ve probably heard of some exciting new developments in AI and advanced natural language processing capabilities like ChatGPT and Google’s recently announced Bard. Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the adoption and use of this cutting-edge technology have been remarkable. And although this technology improves every day, the application of these technologies is fluid and ever-changing and we don’t yet know how Google will respond in terms of SEO and its algorithm.

Whether through chatbots, virtual assistants, or API integration, ChatGPT and its derivatives are a versatile tool that can assist how companies engage with their customers. Additionally, this will reshape how we search, obtain information, and market to customers.

Farotech has been testing the use of these new tools for months now, and our use of the technology proves impressive, but nowhere near perfect.

To fulfill the promise of our mission, we need to build a stronger business foundation by executing a forward-looking strategy. We must look ahead and shift our business towards longer-term trends in order to seize the opportunities of technology for our clients.

Creative teams like Farotech will play a pivotal role in providing the ideas, creativity, IP, and formats that come to life in light of this new technology. We are committed to a stance of human emotion that’s critical in marketing; AI is simply another tool in the belt as we provide value for humans, by humans. Simply put, marketing (when executed properly) still requires human input to drive emotion and responsiveness in content.

Bottom line: We’re focused on being ahead of the curve, bringing even more human-focused creativity to our clients, and using AI tools to assist––not replace––our assets.